CHECK-ENGINE-LIGHTS-GRAND-RAPIDSAre you driving around Grand Rapids with your Check Engine light on?  A Check Engine light indicator can mean many things; from a loose gas cap to a catalytic converter issue.  It takes proper equipment and a highly trained auto technician to properly diagnose and repair Check Engine light issues. At Ervine’s Auto Repair, we only employ ASE Certified Master Technicians who use only high quality factory scan tools to diagnose and repair our customer’s vehicles.  So, next time your Check Engine light comes on, stop in if you are in Grand Rapids, or give Ervine’s a call at 616-532-6600 to schedule an appointment.

Don’t Ignore the Check Engine Light

The Check Engine light is your vehicle’s way of communicating that something is wrong.   The last thing you want to do is ignore what the vehicle is trying to tell you.  Many vehicles incorporate traction control and a sophisticated stability control system that will be disabled until the condition causing the Check Engine light to come on is repaired, which can become a serious safety issue. Typically, at first, there is not severe drive ability issues associated with a Check Engine light. This is by design; the automobile manufacturers do not want drivers stranded every time the light comes on.  However, ignoring the Check Engine light can lead to more severe issues. Ignoring the light can lead to severe and costly damage to the catalytic converter, poor fuel mileage and poor engine performance.  Ignoring the Check Engine light long-term makes diagnosing and repairing the issue more difficult because additional codes will set, due to improper running. These will need to be sorted out, causing additional time and expense.

Common Check Engine Light Questions

What does it mean if my Check Engine light is flashing?

The Check Engine light flashes when the computer detects an engine misfire. The flashing light is to alert the driver that a serious problem is occurring.  A flashing Check Engine light should be resolved immediately to avoid possibly ruining the catalytic converter.  Typically, the vehicle will also be running poorly, use more fuel than necessary, and potentially stall or cause the vehicle to be difficult to drive safely due to poor acceleration. If you are in Grand Rapids and are having this issue give us a call at 616-532-6600.

Why shouldn’t I have my Check Engine light code read at an auto parts store and fix the problem myself?

The code only gives  a small piece of the information needed to properly diagnose and repair the vehicle. Here is a common example we sadly see all too often at Ervine’s Auto Repair. The code signals there is a problem with one of the sensors.   A customer then buys a new sensor at the parts store and takes it home to install it.  The next time the customer starts their car, the Check Engine light immediately comes on. Had the customer brought their vehicle to Ervine’s Auto Repair, we could have saved them a lot of hassle and money. We would have advised the customer that the wire running to the sensor was bad and only the wire needed to be replaced. Save yourself time and money.

 Can after market Check Engine light code readers damage my vehicle?

Yes, some vehicles can be damaged by using improper scan equipment.  At Ervine’s, we only use high quality factory scan tools to diagnose and repair our customer’s vehicles.

How long does it take for the Check Engine light to go off on its own for something minor?

A loose gas cap is generally the only issue that would cause a Check Engine light to come on and then go off after driving awhile. Depending on driving habits, the Check Engine light could take up to one to ten days to go off on its own.



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  • Chelsea Vives:
    Awesome service!! They were extremely helpful and friendly! I loved how they were accommodating to the customers and being very organized with after hours drop-offs and pick-ups. They were also very quick with fixing my car which was great.

    Andy Krafft:
    Ervine's has provided great service for me throughout my college years! They do their best to make time for customers and understand the importance and value in quality service. Would definitely recommend!

    Erin O'Brien-Jenison:
    The staff is very friendly. The technicians take the time to explain repairs in detail. The loaner car service is very convenient for my family. Each of my experiences with Ervine's has been very positive.

  • Jamie Riehle:
    My car needed a lot of work and being relatively new to the area, I had to rely on online reviews. Ervine's got great feedback, so I made an appointment through their website. I was contacted almost immediately and scheduled very quickly. The repairs took a few days, but with the free loaner it was no big deal. They explained everything to me, helped me prioritize which repairs to do first, and Jamie even entertained my 5-year-old while I spent 10 minutes on the phone with my bank to get my payment to go through. I may have been able to find someplace a little cheaper, but you can't pay for the excellent customer service at Ervine's. The lobby is clean, has fresh coffee, and is very professional. As a woman I've been intimidated going into car shops but I never felt that way at Ervine's. I'll definitely be returning.

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  • Kaitlin McDowell:
    I had a great experience at Ervine's. I know very little about my car beyond turning it on, so I was relieved when the staff were willing to spend extra time explaining to me exactly what is going on and helping me to be an informed consumer. I also appreciated that they are not trying to sell something-- I did not actually need the repair that the dealership had told me to IMMEDIATELY deal with, and the folks at Ervine's were willing to tell me that when they could have made a buck doing the repair. The visit was so painless I even got to run errands while I was waiting using one of their fabulous loaner cars. Thank you so much!

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