Grand Rapids Hybrid is the first and only Qualified Independent Hybrid Repair Facility in Grand Rapids.

If you’re driving a hybrid or electric vehicle in Grand Rapids, Michigan you’ve most likely made a thoughtful, conscious decision to do so. Whether your concern for the environment, dependency on foreign oil or high gas prices have been your motivation, the same level of consideration should be applied to your choice of hybrid or electric vehicle repair facility in Grand Rapids.

You’re only tied to the dealership if you want to be.  Grand Rapids Hybrid, a division of Ervine’s Auto Repair can service your Hybrid or Electric Vehicle and still maintain your factory warranty.  As part of regular scheduled maintenance our inspections ensure discovery of items in need of repair or replacement before the warranty expires, saving you money.  We’ll be happy to act as your liaison with the dealership for warranty repairs. We’ll even let you borrow our Toyota Prius for the duration.  Saving you time and frustration often associated with warranty repairs.

Toyota_Prius_Grand_RapidsGrand Rapids Hybrid technicians have been qualified through a stringent hybrid technician training process established by the internationally acclaimed Automotive Career Development Center.  Eric Carlson, Master Qualified Hybrid Technician, ASE Master Technician, L-1 Advanced Engine Performance, Level L-3 Light Duty Hybrid/Electric Vehicle  and five time ASE/NAPA Technician of the Year is co- owner of Grand Rapids Hybrid and is passionate about helping customers keep their hybrid and electric vehicles at optimal performance level through proper maintenance to get the best fuel economy and the most safe, reliable, enjoyable miles from them. Making your hybrid or electric vehicle not only more economical but also greatly reducing the carbon footprint of your vehicle ownership.

Typical trouble codes that can be cause for concern on hybrids include PA080, PA093, P1121, P3011, P3012, P3013, P3014, P3015, P3016, P3017,P3018, P3019, P3020,P3021, P3022, P3023 and P3024 as well as the Red Triangle light and IMA light. Grand Rapids Hybrid is equipped with all factory scan tools and necessary equipment for accurate diagnostics, maintenance and expert service for Toyota, Ford and Honda Hybrid vehicles as well as Chevy Volt electric vehicles.  Grand Rapids Hybrid is equipped with all factory scan tools and necessary equipment for accurate diagnostics, maintenance and expert service for Toyota, Ford and Honda Hybrid vehicles as well as Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf Electric vehicles.  We use manufacturer specific fluids and components and we guarantee our work (ask us for details!) so you can be confident leaving your hybrid or electric vehicle in our hands.

Grand Rapids Hybrid customers will also benefit from the tradition of outstanding customer service established by Ervine’s Auto Repair.  Our customers say they appreciate being able to speak directly with the honest, friendly, intelligent technician working on their vehicle rather than a service adviser or salesperson.  Free loaner cars,(a Toyota Prius for our Hybrid customers), Great coffee, free wifi in our clean comfortable waiting room as well  buy three get one free oil change program and loyalty rebates each year also earn praises by Ervine’s Auto Repair Customers.  All of the above customer service benefits will also extend to Grand Rapids Hybrid Customers as well as the ability to take care of all the technical aspects of your hybrid or electric vehicle.

Please stop by or give us a call at 616-532-6600, or schedule your service and reserve a free loaner vehicle online today. We look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to answer all of your questions.


Ervine's, a Grand Rapids auto repair shop, provides a wide-range of car repair services from ASE Certified Master Technicians. In addition, we also offer free loaner cars, 24-hour automotive assistance, free Wi-Fi and Starbucks coffee while you wait in our comfortable lobby!

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Customer Reviews

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  • Chelsea Vives:
    Awesome service!! They were extremely helpful and friendly! I loved how they were accommodating to the customers and being very organized with after hours drop-offs and pick-ups. They were also very quick with fixing my car which was great.

    Andy Krafft:
    Ervine's has provided great service for me throughout my college years! They do their best to make time for customers and understand the importance and value in quality service. Would definitely recommend!

    Erin O'Brien-Jenison:
    The staff is very friendly. The technicians take the time to explain repairs in detail. The loaner car service is very convenient for my family. Each of my experiences with Ervine's has been very positive.

  • Jamie Riehle:
    My car needed a lot of work and being relatively new to the area, I had to rely on online reviews. Ervine's got great feedback, so I made an appointment through their website. I was contacted almost immediately and scheduled very quickly. The repairs took a few days, but with the free loaner it was no big deal. They explained everything to me, helped me prioritize which repairs to do first, and Jamie even entertained my 5-year-old while I spent 10 minutes on the phone with my bank to get my payment to go through. I may have been able to find someplace a little cheaper, but you can't pay for the excellent customer service at Ervine's. The lobby is clean, has fresh coffee, and is very professional. As a woman I've been intimidated going into car shops but I never felt that way at Ervine's. I'll definitely be returning.

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  • Kaitlin McDowell:
    I had a great experience at Ervine's. I know very little about my car beyond turning it on, so I was relieved when the staff were willing to spend extra time explaining to me exactly what is going on and helping me to be an informed consumer. I also appreciated that they are not trying to sell something-- I did not actually need the repair that the dealership had told me to IMMEDIATELY deal with, and the folks at Ervine's were willing to tell me that when they could have made a buck doing the repair. The visit was so painless I even got to run errands while I was waiting using one of their fabulous loaner cars. Thank you so much!

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