Before You Buy A Car

We encourage, beg and plead with our customers to bring in any car they are thinking of buying for a pre-purchase inspection. Many times, one of our technicians can spot big problems and save you the hassle and cost of buying a lemon. Most used cars need some repair, and knowing what’s needed now or in the near future can help you make an informed decision about purchasing the car and also give you important bargaining information. As a big help to us, when checking the next car of your dreams, make a short list, either written or mental about these different categories.

Brakes – Did the brakes make noises, pull or have a pedal feel that just didn’t seem right?

Steering and Suspension – How was the ride? Did the vehicle pull to one side? Did it seem to wander all over the road or make any noises? Was there excessive steering play or effort to turn?

Performance - Did the car start immediately? Was the acceleration smooth and predictable? After steady speeds were achieved did the engine run smooth as glass or could you detect rough running? Today’s vehicles are all computer controlled and fuel injected and should start almost instantly and run very smooth.

Air Conditioning/Heater – Depending on weather conditions, did the a/c function as expected, both cold enough and out of the correct vents? Did the heater warm up quickly? Did the defroster function as needed?

These can be very important items and often are only discovered to be in need of repair when you need them most. After about five years most A/C systems require some kind of service. While most A/C repair is modest in cost, some can be very expensive. Don’t believe the line from the owner or salesman that, “it just needs charging”. If it were that simple and cheap, it probably would have been done.

Body - Before you even start the engine, walk around the vehicle and look for any suspicious body damage, poor fitting parts, paint that doesn’t match, etc. Open and close all doors, hood and trunk. Were they smooth and did they release and latch easily? During the road test did you notice objectionable wind noise and/or rattles?

Other - We understand that there is limited information that you can give us about most vehicles you test drive. However, any information, regardless of how minor or inconsequential you might think it is, is a benefit to us. Remember this is potentially the vehicle you’ll be driving for years to come. Let’s work together and get the best one out there!

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