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Fall Maintenance Special

Fall Maintenance Special

Winter Car Maintenance Advice from Eric

For those of you that would like another person telling you how to drive in Grand Rapids in the winter, read on. For those that choose to ignore my sage advice, proceed at your own peril. My number one bit of advice, have your tires checked. Both for tread depth and wear, but also inflation and age of the tire. Number two, the heating/cooling system needs to be in proper working order. Nothing worse than freezing your keester off and not being able to see out any windows due to frosting of the glass. This is a genuine safety issue. Number three, have the battery/starting/charging systems checked. The electrical system works much harder in the winter due to the increased load and the battery loses some of its effectiveness when the temp drops. Number four, do not wash your vehicle when the temperatures get too low. 25 degrees and below seem to cause all kinds of problems: doors stick, locks stop working, wiper mechanisms get frozen, etc. I know we want to have a shiny vehicle, but the ... read more

Grand Rapids Winter – Maintenance & Repairs

Well Grand Rapids, it’s that time of the year again when vehicle readiness is a necessary evil if we want a trouble free winter of driving. For those of you that have taken the initiative and gotten your buggy in good order, congrats. As for most of us Grand Rapids drivers, time is running out. This short reprieve from the nasty weather shouldn’t have us forgetting what is soon to come. A few basic repairs and maintenance is all that most vehicles need to easily get through a Grand Rapids winter, even ones like we just experienced. Give Ervine’s a call and set up an appointment or have us look up your vehicle’s service history and see if anything jumps out at us. The cold, damp mornings are a comin’, let’s not have them be a problem

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