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4 Common Car Problems and their Causes – Engine Repair Near Me

4 Common Car Problems and their Causes

At the heart of your vehicle is its engine. While your car has hundreds of other components, the engine is responsible for setting the wheels in motion by converting fuel to mechanical energy. Keeping it in top shape is essential for maintaining your car’s reliability and resale value.

Conversely, a damaged engine can result in headaches and astronomical costs – particularly when no repair service can fix it, and you need to replace the whole thing. That’s why you need to consult expert mechanics in Grand Rapids on the first signs of trouble.

Why You Should Search “Engine Repair Near Me” Now

Most repair mechanics in Grand Rapids will recommend that you visit a repair shop every 3,000 to 7,500 miles, depending on your car model. We at Ervine’s Auto Repair shop agree, but we also believe that you should consider your vehicle’s age and your usual driving conditions.

Problems may surface over time, especially among older engines. Sticking to your maintenance schedule is a good habit, but it’s always better to consult us whenever you notice performance issues or weird engine sounds.

Common Engine Problems, Causes, and Repair Solutions in Grand Rapids

Here are five common automotive problems that you should not ignore. Diagnosing the exact causes and fixing them ASAP at Ervine’s Auto Repair shop can help your engine last for a long time.


Bring your car to our shop immediately if it’s overheating and you can’t identify the cause. You probably have a bad radiator or insufficient coolant, and continued use of your vehicle in such conditions can result in major damages.

You may have a blown head gasket that causes the coolant to drip into the combustion chamber. This results in white smoke with a sweet smell. At the same time, your radiator may be clogged or heavily corroded.

Grinding and Clunking Noises from Under the Hood
Knocking noises indicate hammering and metal-to-metal friction which are terrible for engines. A repair mechanic in Grand Rapids should inspect it immediately, since this may cause the whole assembly to seize.

A simple oil change in Grand Rapids may be the service that you need. Oil gets dirty over time and loses its ability to lubricate automotive parts. In some cases, we may need to replace your engine bearings to prevent engine failure.

Faulty Spark Plugs

If your vehicle sounds jittery and rough when running at idle, the spark plugs might be failing. Other symptoms include engine misfiring, surging, and lack of acceleration. The solution is to replace your spark plugs>

In case a spark plug breaks, contact a towing service in Grand Rapids immediately and do not attempt to drive your car. A small spark plug fragment inside the engine can result in a costly repair or catastrophic engine failure.

Poor Fuel Economy for Hybrid Automotive

Hybrid cars are designed for maximum efficiency because they use a conventional engine and an electric motor simultaneously. A lower gas mileage indicates that the gas engine is overworking and the motor is malfunctioning. Probable causes include a battery that cannot hold a charge or faulty electrical connections.

We service both conventional automotive and hybrid cars at Ervine’s Auto Repair, Grand Rapids. We are the city’s only independent facility that is qualified to repair hybrid vehicles.

Engine Repair Near Me

Besides performing all kinds of repair services, we also offer preventative maintenance at Ervine’s Auto Repair in Grand Rapids. With solid experience and the proper equipment, our ASE mechanics are committed to helping you keep your engine’s health and your car’s overall performance.

You can
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