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7 Tips for Taking Care of Your Hybrid Car - Hybrid Repair Near Me

7 Tips for Taking Care of Your Hybrid Car - Hybrid Repair Near Me

It is no secret that hybrid vehicles require significantly less maintenance than traditional gas-powered cars. They are much safer and more fuel-efficient to boot.


However, even though hybrids need less upkeep and repairs, it is still vital that the owner takes good care of their vehicle and addresses issues promptly. As such, our hybrid repair experts in Grand Rapids, MI, share seven essential tips to maximize the longevity and reliability of your prized investment.

1. Do not leave the battery plugged when parked for an extended period

This is absolutely one of the most common mistakes by hybrid owners. If you leave the battery plugged in for extended periods, this can cause irreversible damage to your batteries. Specifically, allowing the battery pack on your hybrid to constantly stay at 100% over time will cause the battery to overheat and deplete its lifespan.

2. Avoid stopping/starting your hybrid vehicle rapidly

If you are driving in stop-and-go traffic, you should be OK with starting and stopping your hybrid vehicle frequently. However, repeatedly doing this can potentially wear out the transmission components and the charging system. This can significantly decrease fuel efficiency. Furthermore, since newer model hybrids are equipped with regenerative braking systems which recharge the battery when breaking down, frequent stop-starting wears these systems out faster. You'll then have to visit a hybrid repair shop in Michigan more frequently too.

3. Wait for the car to reach optimal operating temperature - Hybrid repair near me

If you like to warm up your car before driving off on cold mornings or if you need some time for your engine oil to flow, that's fine. However, when starting a hybrid vehicle from a dead stop after being parked for extended, always wait until the heat gauge has reached optimal operating temperatures before taking off. Booting up a hybrid with cold engines can lead to issues with the engine oil flow. Additionally, cold-starting your car can lead to higher fuel usage and lower MPGs.

4. Avoid using the air conditioner while sitting still

Keeping the A/C on when not moving can cause significant strain on your hybrid's battery. This is because running the A/C in startup mode uses more fuel than it does when you are actually moving down the road. Not only that, but constantly running the air conditioner while stopped can significantly decrease your car's MPG for upcoming trips.

5. Drive smart along Michigan roads and accelerate gently

Hybrid vehicles are designed so that when applying extra pressure on the pedal, it is not necessary to use more gas than required. This feature was implemented to maximize efficiency and power while saving fuel whenever possible. Conversely, putting your foot on the break after acceleration will regenerate lost energy during deceleration. This helps it recharge power back into the battery, thus, further improving the eco-friendliness and performance of your hybrid vehicle.

6. Turn off your idling hybrid engine.

No matter what type of vehicle you have, it is never a good idea to let your car sit idly for extended periods. Whether at work or home, always try to keep moving when the engine is on. This will help increase the lifespan of your hybrid's battery and maintain optimal fuel efficiency. Furthermore, idling for extended periods places significant strain on your engine components, wearing them out much faster than usual.

7. Visit our Michigan hybrid repair shop near you if you notice any issues

If your hybrid vehicle is acting up or there are any visible problems with the battery indicators, best not delay and bring it in for a check-up. Typically, hybrids don't require many repairs until they get older - but by then, the problems can be much harder and more pricey to fix. Our hybrid repair experts in Michigan use factory-grade tools for diagnostics and get your car back on the road quickly.

Hybrid Repair Near Me

The bottom line is that it pays to know how much energy your car batteries have and understand the signs of a failing electric system. If you follow these seven tips, you can ensure your hybrid vehicle stays in good working condition for as long as possible.

For all your hybrid repair and maintenance needs, just call our friendly and experienced technicians in Michigan. Please schedule a service online or visit our hybrid repair shop at 4311 Stafford Ave SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49548.


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