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A Tale of Two Warranties

We've long said, “Regular maintenance allows us to catch small problems before they grow large enough to threaten your safety, comfort and/or wallet.” Our customers' recent experiences with dealerships and extended warranties prove this true now more than ever.

“Amy” brought her 2004 Buick Regal into Ervine's nine days after her dealer recommended maintenance service when she was there for a check engine light diagnosis and cooling system repair.

Ervine's maintenance inspection revealed leaking valve cover gaskets, leaking intake gaskets, broken front sway bar and links and a malfunctioning intermediate shaft. We don't know why the dealership did not inform “Amy” of the needed repairs. Her extended warranty was good for just 265 more miles.

Many times, dealerships must operate under a policy that if the customer does not complain about it, the technician or service writer cannot bring a needed repair to the customer's attention and have it be covered under the warranty.

As an independent facility we have the freedom (and, we feel, duty) to inspect and inform our customers what items require attention. As we expected, the warranty company was very cooperative and covered $1432.55 in repairs for “Amy”. We're just glad she didn't wait any longer to come in for an inspection.

“Paul” was in just a week or so ago with his 2008 GMC Envoy for his regular oil change service and inspection. He mentioned the traction light was on, but had taken it into the dealer and was told there was nothing wrong.

Using the same diagnostic equipment the dealership used, we were able to quickly determine that the angle sensor was intermittently failing. Replacement and calibration of the angle sensor corrected the problem. And guess what? It was covered under the extended warranty!

So it would seem that it requires a certain level of expertise to make sure you aren't being cheated out of covered repairs when you have an extended warranty. We're happy to help, so please call us with any questions you may have about your warranty.


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