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Monthly Archives: August 2019

What Causes Total Brake Failure?

This is something that drivers never want to experience in their lifetime - total brake failure. This is probably the scariest thing that can malfunction when on the road, especially when you are already traveling at a high speed. Brake failure is extremely dangerous, and being mindful to prevent this from happening is important.  If you do start experiencing brake failure, one thing you can try is pumping the brake pedal quickly. This may be able to get enough pressure going to initial a stop. The next thing is to get to a safe area, like pull of to the side of the road if you can, and use the emergency brakes (parking brake). Whatever you do, try to be as safe as possible, avoid collisions, and eventually your vehicle will slowly stop if you aren't continuing to accelerate.  The main cause of brake failure is no fluid pressure in the brake lines. Brakes work from hydraulic pressure, so without fluid pressure, your brakes won't work. This is usually caused by a lea ... read more

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