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Monthly Archives: August 2020

Why Does My Car Squeal When I Brake?

Why Does My Car Squeal When I Brake?

Squealing brakes aren't just an annoyance - often times they can be a sign of a problem with your brake system. Any issue with your brakes should be a cause for concern, especially considering that they are essential to your safety on the road. You rely on your brakes to slow or stop when you need to, and if a problem occurs, you may find yourself with less effective brakes or failing brakes.  So, what can cause your brakes to squeal? If you're driving in the morning, and you notice that your first few brakes are squealing, this may not be anything to worry about if the squealing goes away in a few minutes. This can happen because of moisture accumulating on the brake pads overnight.  However, if you're hearing the brake squealing throughout your entire drive and it doesn't go away, this points to needing a brake component repair or replacement. Here are the potential causes for your brake noises:  You need new brake pads. Brake pads wear down over tim ... read more

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