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Car Fluids to Inspect Regularly

Close-up of a gloved hand pouring fresh engine oil to the tank

Your vehicle is a complex machine with many different working parts. In fact, modern cars have over 30,000 working parts - it's amazing how well they work with so little maintenance. In order for your vehicle's systems to work at their best, it's important to ensure that all fluids are topped off and clean. They help regulate heat, protect against metal to metal contact, and increase overall performance and fuel efficiency. Some of the important fluids include engine oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid, and more. 

Your vehicle runs at a very high temperature which can cause these different fluids to break down over time. Plus, there is so much dirt and dust on the road that can contaminate fluids and leads them to become more like sludge. This is why certain fluids need to be replaced at specific intervals and should be inspected regularly for proper fluid levels and check for leaks. 

Here are some of the vehicle fluids which should be inspected regularly to ensure proper vehicle operation: 

  • Engine oil - when you get your vehicle's regular oil change, you are charging the engine oil. The engine oil breaks down the fastest and needs to be replaced the most frequently. It has the important job of preventing metal to metal contact between engine components and helps to clean the engine as your vehicle runs. 
  • Coolant - coolant is vital to your vehicle because it regulates the temperature of the engine and prevents it from overheating. When coolant is low, your engine can quickly overheat and damage can occur that can be expensive to repair.
  • Power steering fluid - power steering fluid is important to the function of the power steering system, which helps to make steering easier to do. 
  • Brake fluid - brake fluid is key to the hydraulic system that the brake needs to work properly, and low brake fluid can actually lead to failing brakes. 
  • Transmission fluid - transmission fluid helps keep the transmission running smoothly, protecting it from dirt build-up and metal to metal contact. 
  • Windshield washer fluid - your windshield washer fluid is necessary when clean your windshield for visibility, so it should be checked and replaced as needed. 

These are the fluids that are very important to your vehicle's operation. We recommend bringing your vehicle into Ervine's & Grand Rapids Hybrid for regular inspections of the vital fluids. We can help ensure that the fluids are properly filled and that your vehicle is well maintained to protect your safety on the road. 

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