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Common Ford Hybrid Repair and Maintenance Issues You Need To Know

Common Ford Hybrid Repair and Maintenance Issues

The technology in Ford hybrid vehicles such as Ford Fusion features a gas-powered engine and an electric motor that can seamlessly switch from one to the other. Sometimes, it can run on both gas and electric to optimize your driving experience and improve fuel economy. What's great about a hybrid vehicle is its self-charging technology which means it does not need to be plugged in.

However, if you are a proud owner of a hybrid vehicle, you need to understand that you can run into maintenance issues once in a while. But how do you know what type of hybrid car maintenance issues you are dealing with? Below is a list of basic Ford hybrid vehicle issues you need to know.

Ford Hybrid Repair and Maintenance Issues

Battery Life and Replacement

In most cases, batteries on Ford hybrids can last from 150,000 to 20,000 miles or about 10-15 years. This lifespan is almost the same as a gas-powered Ford vehicle. As with many hybrid vehicles, battery life is dependent on users' driving habits and maintenance. Between battery repair and replacement, Ford hybrids tend to have high replacement costs.

Regular Engine Oil changes

A Ford hybrid vehicle runs on synthetic oil that needs to be changed every 6,000 miles. Your local dealer recommends regular oil changes and while you're at it, have your filter replaced and wheels checked. Regular oil changes, as well as filter replacement in a Ford hybrid car, can prolong its lifespan.

Brake Repair

Ford's braking system is the same system that recharges it. We all heard it in Science class about energy that can neither be created nor destroyed. This same technology is applied to Ford hybrid's braking system called regenerative braking. Through regenerative braking, the energy created from friction is stored in a box and later converted to kinetic energy. Thus more regenerative braking charges the batteries on your Ford hybrid.

If you drive fast and use your car more often, your vehicle needs more heat dissipation for maximum peak force. This is the amount of force needed for your vehicle to come to a stop. Thus, Ford hybrid customers need to know that brake repair or replacement is determined by its usage. Increased usage means regular brake repair and maintenance for overall road safety.

Wheel Alignment

The most common question is, when should you have your alignment for your Ford hybrid? Ford service and repair center recommends wheel alignment every 6,000 miles or whenever you purchase new tires. Having your wheels aligned ensures that you drive smoothly and straight. Also, properly aligned wheels enhance gas mileage, improve tire performance and prolong your tire's life span.

Tire replacement

If your Ford hybrid's tires puncture, they can either be repaired or replaced. The best way to determine if your Ford vehicle needs tire repair or replacement is to go to your trusted Ford hybrid repair shop. Their nationally ASE-certified technicians will be able to determine whether tire repair or replacement is needed based on puncture location, size, state of wear, and the type of damage.

Why Go to Your Local Ford Auto Repair Shop


One of the primary concerns of finding an auto repair facility is the fear that you could end up with a dishonest mechanic. When you find a trusted auto repair shop that services Ford models, it eliminates that fear and hesitation. There is no price tag to knowing that your car is in good hands.

Quicker Repairs for your Hybrid Vehicle

When you bring your car to the same auto repair facility, they generally keep a record of your car's details and history. This means less time accessing your records and quicker diagnostics and repairs.

Personalized services

Once your trusted technician is familiar with your vehicle and driving habits, servicing your Ford vehicle becomes more personalized. Then next time you visit, your technician can easily point out the needed repairs which eventually saves you time and money.

Friendly staff

Every auto repair facility does its service and repairs differently. This also goes with the kind of equipment used and technicians employed. When you are looking for a Ford hybrid repair facility, choose a shop with friendly staff, easy appointment scheduling, quick service completion, and fair prices.


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