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How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Fall

Vintage beetle car with a huge pumpkin tied on the top

The fall months are filled with chilly weather, falling leaves, and the excitement of the holidays to come. The summer can typically take a toll on our vehicles, due to the high heat and the increase in driving. Preparing your vehicle and making sure that it's ready for fall is important to your car's overall health and your safety on the road. So, how can you prepare your vehicle for the fall season? 

Getting your vehicle ready for fall requires just a few simple maintenance items or an inspection here at Ervine's & Grand Rapids Hybrid. The following services are the most important when it comes to fall maintenance: 


If you've ever hydroplaned on the road before, you understand how important having good tires is. The fall season is typically wetter weather, and therefore your tires need to have good tread in order to make proper traction with the road. Otherwise, you'll find yourself losing control of your vehicle during rainfall which can be a very scary occurrence. Also, make sure that your tires are filled to the proper air pressure to avoid tire blowouts and increase your fuel efficiency. 


Your vehicle's exterior lights are important during the fall because the days get shorter, so you'll find yourself driving in the dark more often. Lights let others know of your presence on the road and whether your switching lanes or braking. Check all lights to make sure that they are operating and fix any coverings that look scratched or yellowed. 


You'll definitely start feeling a bit of a chill as we move deeper into the fall season, so having a working heater will be vital for your comfort and you'll need your defroster for visibility. 

Windshield Wipers

Getting stuck in the rain with faulty windshield wipers is never fun, and can put you at risk for an accident on the road. Wipers don't last very long, only about a year or so, and the summer heat tends to dry them out quickly. If you notice any smearing or skipping while the wipers are on, it's time to replace them. 


Brakes are always an important maintenance item, and after driving in stop and go traffic during the summer heat, you'll want to have your brake pads inspected as well as other vital parts of this system for proper operation. 


Your vehicle runs on so many different important fluids, and the summer heat can cause them to breakdown. Have all of your vehicle's fluids inspected, topped off, or changed if needed. 

These are just some of the key fall maintenance items that your vehicle will need moving into the new season. If you're due for any of the services listed above, don't hesitate to bring your vehicle into the experts here at Ervine's & Grand Rapids Hybrid today! 

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