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Is Your Car Road Trip Ready?

We’re all counting down the days -spring break is coming!  My family and I would like to share how we get ready for a road trip.  My husband’s mom lives in North Carolina and his dad is in Indiana, so we’re well versed in long car trips with small kids.   

If you’re taking your personal vehicle on the trip, make sure to see us three to four weeks before departure. We have a Road Trip Inspection, and we’ll make sure that your family starts their trip as safely as possible.  

Some key items you’ll want to make sure are checked out before your trip are:

  • Road Test - This is helpful for the technician doing the inspection.  He can feel how your vehicle is driving down the road, see if lights pop on, and can also listen for any sounds that are problematic. 
  • Get any lights on the dash checked and diagnosed.  Heading out on a road trip with warning lights is a dangerous game to play!
  • Heating and Cooling system – Most of us haven’t used our air conditioning in a few months.  Finding out the AC doesn’t work in a warm climate is not going to be fun. 
  • Suspension and Steering - We want to make sure that there are no loose or worn components that could be a safety concern. 
  • Tire and wheel inspection
  • Brake System inspection
  • Windshield wipers
  • Headlights, taillights, and turn signals
  • Fluid testing – transmission fluid, engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, and power steering fluid.
  • Battery test


A white Toyota sedan on a lift, under repair with an open hoodAs I said before, there are more items on our road trip inspection, but those are some highlights.  You’ll also want to be sure to have an oil change prior to leaving if it’s time to get one.

I am in a unique situation since I work at the shop and my dad has always made sure to look over my car before I go anywhere, but he’ll take care of you too!  This should be done 3-4 weeks ahead of your departure.  This will leave time for parts to come in if they’re hard to find and time for repairs to be completed. 

Schedule your Road Trip Inspection today! Call us at 616-532-6600.  If it happens to be a weekend or after hours, you can make an appointment and reserve a free loaner car here . 

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