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Prius Battery Replacement Facts Every Driver Must Know

Toyota Prius Battery Replacement

With the rise of new technology in the automotive industry, battery life has become a major issue for vehicle owners and Prius cars are no exception. Even though these cars have advanced electronics and more advanced batteries, they will only last so long and still require a Prius battery replacement every so often.

Unfortunately, most motorists these days don’t keep their vehicles properly maintained, which increases the frequency of needing their batteries repaired or replaced. Many drivers also fail to understand how often they should change their car battery. Here are some important facts every driver needs to know when it comes to battery replacement:

When should you replace your battery?

Perhaps the most important factor to consider when it is time to replace your car battery is age. Ideally, batteries are made to last for around 3-5 years and hence, will require replacement within the same period.

How soon you will need to get a new battery can also be dependent on how you drive your vehicle, how often you use it, and even the climate where you are. If you’ve already reached the 3-year period from the time your current battery was installed, it pays to keep an eye on its performance as this will be a good indicator when it is time to take it to your nearest mechanic.

Signs your battery is dying

There is a plethora of reasons that your car battery is not performing as efficiently as it used to. Batteries can die due to a malfunctioning electrical system, poor performance, user error, and even extreme temperatures. To help you decide when it is time to get a Prius battery replacement, pay attention to the following signs:

  • Illuminated battery light

It is never a good idea to ignore your illuminated battery light. While there could be a number of reasons that are causing the problem, it may have something to do with trouble with the charging system, which means your battery is about to die.

  • Slow car engine start-up

If it takes several tries to get your car started up, there is a very good chance that your battery is dying and will need replacement.

  • Misshapen battery case

Bloated battery cases can happen as a result of exposing the batteries to very high temperatures. This can also be caused by overcharging. In any case, you should take this as a sign to take your car to the auto repair shop.

  • Battery fluid leak

Always be on the lookout for fluids coming out of your battery. This can happen if the battery gets overcharged or if it has been damaged— which means that you need to get a new one.   

How often should you replace your battery?

While batteries are made to last for a few years down the road, they cannot be expected to last forever. As with any components and parts of your car, they too are subject to wear and tear which means they would need to get replaced at some point.

How often you should get your batteries replaced can be dependent on certain factors. Among these are:

  • The climate where you are matters

If you live in an area where temperatures can get very high, your battery can get dehydrated which could lead to the water evaporating in the battery acid. As a result, you will experience a slow engine starting power, decreased battery performance, and a significantly shortened lifespan.

However, it’s not only the hot weather you should be worried about. Batteries can get negatively impacted by the cold as well. When the temperatures drop, your battery will have to work harder to run your car. Engine oils tend to thicken as a result of cold weather too, which means more work for your battery.

  • Your driving habits matter

Consistently taking your car for short trips on a daily can lead to decreased performance. This is because the battery won’t have enough time to get charged fully in between these trips.

Leaving your car sitting in your garage for a long time causes the battery to get drained passively. So, taking your car for a long road trip every now and then is one way of maintaining battery performance.

Whether you just want to get your batteries checked or you want a Prius battery replacement, Ervine’s Auto Repair & Grand Rapids Hybrid and EV is always happy to help. We’re your one-stop auto repair shop and can help you with all your car repair and maintenance needs at very reasonable prices. Get in touch with us today!


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