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Protect Your Vehicle From the Warm Weather

The weather is warmer, and during this time of year a lot of us spend time taking trips and spending time outdoors, enjoying the sun. If you’re planning on going to the beach or taking a road trip in the near future, here are some tips on how to protect your vehicle from the harshness of the heat:

  • Have your vehicle’s air conditioning system, cooling system, and belts and hoses inspected. The air conditioning will be necessary for those long drives in the heat. The cooling system also needs to be in top working condition to keep your engine from overheating. Belts and hoses can also be affected by the warm weather, so an inspection can prevent belts from snapping or hoses from breaking, which can cause breakdowns and expensive repairs. 
  • Make sure that your vehicle’s tires are at the proper air pressure. A poorly inflated tire can cause decreased fuel efficiency and puts you at risk for tire blowouts. It is also important to make sure you are currently with your wheel alignments and rotations before hitting the road. 
  • If you have leather seats, try investing in seat covers. This will actually keep you much more comfortable driving in the heat and it will protect your upholstery from sand, water, crumbs, and more. 
  • Drive safely when on the road by following the speed limit and giving yourself plenty of room between yourself and the car in front of you. Staying safe not only protects your vehicle from excessive wear and tear, but will also ensure that you reach your destination without trouble. 
  • If possible, park in shaded or covered areas when you can, especially if you will be parked overnight or more than a couple hours. The sun can cause car paint to fade and also affect the interior of your vehicle. If parking inside of a structure or under a carport isn’t an option, keep an eye out for shaded places that may provide some protection from the sun, even if it means a little additional walking.

Regardless of your places this spring or summer, we hope that these tips to protect your vehicle from the sun will be helpful. If your vehicle is due for an inspection before you embark on your journey, don’t hesitate to bring your vehicle into our shop for fast and friendly service! 

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