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Signs Your Car A/C Needs to Be Recharged

An auto mechanic using an air conditioning inspection tool on a car

As we approach the warmer months, it is becoming more important to ensure that your vehicle's air conditioning is working in top condition. You rely on your vehicle's a/c to keep your comfortable on the road, and getting stuck without a working a/c system can be unbearable at times during the summer. So, how do you know when your a/c needs a recharge?

Your vehicle's air conditioning system works using a compressor to pressurize and circulate refrigerant throughout the system to produce cold air. There is a high side and a low side in the system; gas starts out in the low side and then is converted into liquid on the high side. This cycle of the high and low pressurized systems is what keeps cool air blowing through your vents. 

Over time, this pressurized system can get leaks, which can cause low refrigerant. In this case, your a/c will not work efficiently or at all. If the refrigerant gets too low, it drops the pressure of the entire system and will need to be recharged with refrigerant to work properly again. 

Here are some of the symptoms that can indicate your a/c system may need to be recharged: 

  • No air is blowing from the vents
  • Air blowing from the vents isn't cold
  • You notice a visible sign of a refrigerant leak

If you do suspect that your vehicle needs an a/c recharge, don't hesitate to bring your vehicle into the experts here at Ervine's & Grand Rapids Hyrbid today. It's better to take care of an issue now before summer rolls along, and a refriegerant leak can lead to additional repairs over time. Drop by or give us a call today! 

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