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What Does the TPMS Warning Light Indicate?

Low tire pressure warning showing up on the dashboard indicator

In most instances, drivers often fail to give much thought to the TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitor System). It is a vital tool that helps you monitor tire pressure from the dashboard, and it usually illuminates in case of any car tire troubles. As the components standing between you and your vehicle, it is essential to ensure proper tire maintenance by paying significant attention to the Tire Pressure Monitor System and taking the necessary repair requirements to ensure the car remains functional on the road.

Low tire pressure causes poor mileage and reduces traction on the road impacting negatively on your driving experience. A drop in tire pressure causes a low tire pressure light to illuminate on the dash. When the TPMS light illuminates on the dash, it also indicates a faulty monitoring system, which can be caused by damaged sensors, among other troubles. It means that the system no longer monitors the tire pressure. It further means that the Vehicle Stability Assist turns on even if it's manually turned off. The TPMS light might also translate to poor traction, reduced fuel economy, decreased towing capability, and a flat tire or a blowout risk.

Additionally, if you have a spare tire on your car, both the TPMS light and the low-pressure tire light might illuminate on the dashboard.

What to do When the TPMS Light Goes on

Whenever the TPMS indicator turns on, inspect your tires to ensure the pressure is not too low to avoid getting stuck on the road and other consequences, including accidents. The indicator will most likely not tell you the exact tire that is low on pressure, and it's upon you to inspect all the tires. Inflate the tire depending on the manufacturer's recommendations, and once the tire is inflated, the TPMS light will turn off.

If the TPMS light continues to illuminate after inflation, it might indicate additional tire troubles, including the need to changes tires. Our auto repair shop is always open to solve all tire inflation troubles, including tire changes when required. Avoid the temptation of driving when the TPMS light is on to avoid costly repairs.

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