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When Do You Need a Car Repair Near Me: Signs Your Car is in Serious Trouble

When Do You Need a Car Repair Near Me


It can be tough to know when you need a car repair near me. However, there are car problems that you should never ignore, and car repair near me is crucial in fixing them.


Several signs indicate your car needs repair. It is essential to get your vehicle repaired to avoid breakdowns and expensive repairs.

If you notice any of the following issues with your car, be sure to contact an auto repair shop for diagnostics and repairs:

Exhaust Smoke Increases

Is your car smoking? The color of the smoke can often tell you what's wrong. For example, black means too many changing emissions, blue hints at oil in the combustion chamber, and white represent coolant leakages.


Decreased MPGs

When your car is running low on gas, it's time for an auto shop visit. A quick tune-up like changing the spark plugs or cleaning sensors can save you money in fuel costs and get back on track with increased MPGs.


Strange or Odd Noises

Strange noises while driving can indicate that you need to have your car serviced. Some familiar sounds include grinding brakes, whiny transmissions, or knocking from under the hood, all signs of worn engine bearings needing car repairs and maintenance services.


Fluid Leaks

Your car relies on some fluids to operate safely and efficiently. Therefore, if you spot any leaking from your vehicle, be sure to get it fixed immediately. 


Pungent Smells

Odd smells are often a sign that something is wrong with your vehicle. Some of the most common odors you may encounter include: sweet, the maple-like smell means coolant leak, gym bag or dirty sweatpants scent could mean mold in AC vents and heater outlets--burned paper odor typically indicates clutch repair needed.

Why it's essential to have your vehicle serviced at a trusted car repair near me specialist for routine maintenance and repairs?


All car owners should know the warning signs of car trouble. By getting car repairs and maintenance services at a trusted car repair near me, you can get on track to prevent significant issues down the road that could be costly in fixing.


At Grand Rapids, MI, Ervine's Auto Repair is your one-stop automotive mechanic shop for all repairs and services across all vehicle makes and models. We are BBB certified, committed to providing car owners with the highest quality car repair at affordable prices.

Ervine's Auto Repair, Your Trusted Car Repair near me, a specialist in Grand Rapids, MI


If you need car repairs, be sure to contact Ervine's Auto Repair. We are a trusted car repair near me specialist with years of experience servicing all vehicle makes and models.


We can quickly and efficiently diagnose and repair the issue promptly and efficiently from exhaust smoke increases to decreased MPGs, strange noises, and pungent smells.


Please don't wait until it's too late, be proactive and bring your car in for a tune-up today.


Contact us at (616) 202-5538 or schedule an appointment online today!


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