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Why an Oil Change Service Saves Vehicles: Oil Change near me Grand Rapids MI

Oil Change near me Grand Rapids MI


Many people are not aware of the importance of an oil change service in their car. However, oil changes are necessary for your engine to function correctly and extend your vehicle's lifespan.


Oil is a lubricant that helps protect against corrosion and wear on various parts inside your engine, especially under high pressure. Oil changes also help reduce emissions from cars by keeping machines running smoothly with less friction.


The best way to know when it's time for an oil change is when you're getting low on fuel.


Find yourself filling up more often than usual or noticing odd odors or noises coming from the engine. It might be time for an oil change near me, Grand Rapids, MI, at Ervine's Auto Repair.

Top 5 Reasons Why An Oil Change Service Saves Vehicles: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Changing the engine oil and filter on your car will help you continue driving at its best. If it has not been done recently, proactively changing this every 3,000-5K miles is a good idea. However, suppose you're unsure when to have your next oil change service. 


In that case, you can trust Ervine's Auto Repair for top-quality preventive maintenance services in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Here are the top 5 reasons that an oil change service saves your car:


Maintains Engine Lubrication

The engine of a car needs proper oil to keep it running smoothly. The moving parts, such as pistons and valves, will wear down if they do not receive enough lube from their supply in the form of motor oils.


Cools engine components

There's nothing more frustrating than sitting in traffic because your car overheats. The best way to prevent this from happening is by protecting the moving parts with oil, which will slow down friction enough so that it doesn't cause excessive heating or wear out too quickly.


Removes Gunk and Sludge

Keeping your engine clean is essential for its life. Regular oil changes will remove dirt particles and sludge, which can cause corrosion to occur over time and decrease how long an engine operates before needing repairs or new replacement parts due to damage from build-up.


Better Gas Mileage

Engine maintenance is a great way to increase the miles per gallon your car can deliver. However, when you allow dirt and grime from dust, bugs, or road residue to build up in an engine, friction will increase, affecting driving performance and fuel economy.


Engine life is prolonged

Oil protects your car's engine by keeping it cool and protecting other essential parts of the vehicle. In addition, changing oil keeps things running smoothly, preventing damage from excessive friction or overheating that may lead to costly repairs and car breakdown.

Why doing an Oil Change on your own is not a good idea? - Oil Change Service near me Grand Rapids, Michigan

An oil change service is one of the most necessary preventive maintenance services to keep your car in tip-top shape. However, you are doing this on your costs more time and money. That is why it is better left at the hands of the professional.


At Ervine's Auto Repair Grand Rapids, Michigan, we have the tools and equipment, expert mechanics, and technicians to have your car service.

Schedule an Oil Change near me Grand Rapids, MI, at Ervine's Auto Repair

Oil changes are a great way to keep your car running smoothly. 


If you need an oil change in Grand Rapids or anywhere else around Michigan, visit Ervine's Auto Repair for all sorts of auto services, including everything from tires on cars up through significant tune-ups.


Call (616) 202 5538 today for your oil change service needs in Michigan!


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