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Monthly Archives: April 2019

Ways to Avoid Drowsy Driving

When it comes to driving after a long day’s work or taking one of those long road trips, trying to stay alert and awake can be a challenge. Most of us are guilty of it - we’ve experienced those moments on the road where you close your eyes for just a second and snap up awake right after, probably frightened that you allow yourself to do so.  Here are some tips on how to stay alert and stay safe on the road: Get a good night’s rest before driving. If you don’t get a good sleep, especially before a long drive, this can greatly affect your ability to stay alert and awake.  Stay engaged with your passengers, if possible, or play something that will keep your mind thinking. Chat with your passengers or sing along to some tunes. Before you start your drive, pick a playlist or podcast to listen to that will grab your interest and help you stay awake. If you are traveling a long distance and have others in the car, make sure to take turns behind the wheel ... read more

We are Eric Zane Show Sponsors

We are Eric Zane Show Sponsors

It's not a secret that we value other small, local businesses.  We've ventured out into an unknown territory, but with a well known and loved personality.  Ervine's Auto Repair and Grand Rapids Hybrid is happy to announce we are now sponsors of the Eric Zane Show Podcast!  He's local, he loves his family, he's funny and he drives a hybrid! Perfect!  To learn more about Eric and his show, please visit

Ervine's Auto Repair & Grand Rapids Hybrid Green Practices

Ervine's Auto Repair & Grand Rapids Hybrid Green Practices

Today is Earth Day - It's the day when many people around the world plant a tree, invest in a reusable coffee cup or pick up garbage at a local park. We think all of these are great ways to celebrate Earth Day, but we also have many green practices being used on a daily basis at Ervine's Auto Repair and Grand Rapids Hybrid We use a paperless shop management system which easily saves 100 or more pieces of paper each day. We help customers maintain their vehicles in good condition so they will experience increases in fuel economy as well as reduced emissions. Also, by properly maintaining a vehicle, it lasts much longer, reducing the need to manufacture another vehicle, a huge saving in resources!    We service eco-friendly cars such as hybrid and electric vehicles.  We purchase shop supplies in bulk and use refillable dispensers instead of single use containers. We recycle MANY things: car batteries, beverage container ... read more

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